Welcome the CNO United Way campaign!

CNO Associates:

We encourage you to Live United by donating during our annual United Way Giving Campaign, September 9 to 20.

Why? United Way is focused on the “health, education and financial stability of every person in every community” – threads common to our mission to protect the health and retirement needs of middle-income Americans.

Three Ways to Donate
• Give to the United Way of Central Indiana, Chicago or Philadelphia based on your location
• Direct your contribution to any community partner listed on the United Way giving site
• Write-in a favorite 501c3 charity, regardless of its United Way affiliation

Renew Your Annual Payroll Deduction
Pledge by payroll deduction or a one-time gift. Payroll deduction elections made in 2018 do not roll over, so take this opportunity to reset. Deductions begin with your first pay in January 2020.

This year, we hope to reach at least $325,000 in collections and see 45% of corporate office associates participate. Together, we can help families and individuals move beyond poverty and improve their quality of life.


Chris Rigsbee
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel
2019 CNO Giving Campaign Chair
United Way of Central Indiana Board Member

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